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Bring Your Own (BYO) Tshirt or Hoodie

We do provide good quality T-shirts and Hoodies. But everybody's style and fit doesn't always suit the Aussie sizes we supply. Or you might have your favourite fit T-shirt or Hoodie supplier.

So what can Third Trio print on?

Whatever the reason maybe, we are happy to print on a T-shirt or Hoodie supplied by you. We can even print on other garments supplied by you as long as they are cotton, cotton/polyester or polyester mix. Unfortunately, we cannot print on silk or silky material since our printing process involves a lot of heat on the garment itself.

Has my tshirt to be brand new?

If the garment is new, it's the easiest for us to work with. But if you have an used garment you would like printed on, we can do that. Make sure the garment is clean, has no lint or perfume on it and we are good to go.

Any discount for bringing my own hoodie?

There is a small discount if you bring your own tshirt or hoodie.

** Note that for customer supplied garments, any refunds will only be to the value of the print. For more details read our Refund Policy.