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Image/Logo Dimensions

If your design includes any images/logos, please ensure the image/logoss are within these specifications to ensure a clear & good quality print.

For all print sizes

Resolution - 300 dpi
I​mage Format - JPEG / PSD (Photoshop File)
Background - single color (black or white)

For portrait prints upto A4 size

Width - 2500 pixels *
Height - 3500 pixels *

For landscape prints upto A4 size

Width - 3500 pixels *
Height - 2500 pixels *

For portrait A3 size prints

Width - 3500 pixels *
Height - 5000 pixels *

For landscape A3 size prints

Width - 5000 pixels *
Height - 3500 pixels *

* Note that width and height could be proportionate to the maximum width or height of your image/logo.

See the measurements for print sizes.

We could also work with TIFF and PNG image formats. If you have other formats (such as EPS) have it converted to a JPEG in 300 dpi.

Usually the designer who made your logo/image would have provided you a CD or a zip file with the original files and we are able to work off that if you bring it to us.

If you cannot provide the desired quality images, we would not be able to take your order since the T-shirt / Hoodie prints would be pixelated. But we can re-make your logo/design for an extra cost.