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Your Questions Answered

You may have questions regarding custom prints, and we at Third Trio are happy to answer them for you.

What type of prints does Third Trio do?

There are two types of prints we use for customization. We do full colour images, photos etc. with transfers or sublimation. Then we do single/dual/triple colour text or images with Vinyl.

What materials are used for printing?

We use JetPro & Opaque transfer papers for full colour images, and hotflex vinyl for text & single/dual/triple colour images.

What materials can Third Trio print on?

For garments, we can print on anything that is cotton or a cotton/polyester mix. The Heat applied to the t-shirt could damage the garment if the garment does not have a high percentage of cotton.
We also print on mugs, caps, tiles and slates. These items are included in the print cost.

How long will the t-shirt print last?

It all depends on the kind of print. Transfers usually fade with time, the more you wash the sooner it fades. Vinyl lasts longer. It will last as long as the t-shirt does. We have t-shirts with over 4 years (printed in 2011) of wash & wear which still look good.

How much does it cost to print?

Our T-shirt printing prices start from $20 and would reach a maximum of $38 for a full colour double side print. See our full price range for t-shirts and the prices of hoodie prints. Remember the prices are inclusive of the T-shirt or hoodie

What if the t-shirt is a 7XL?

Our prices are not based on how large the garment is, our prices are based on the print size, so no matter how large your garment is you will only be paying for the print. See our print sizes.

Does Third Trio print at the Caribbean Garden's Market?

We used to do on the spot printing at the Caribbean Gardens Market on Sundays. But due to time constraints, we don't anymore. But you can catch us everyday at our own premises in Noble Park.

Did Third Trio print custom T-shirts at the Chadstone Shopping Centre?

Lots of our customers ask us this question. We have not printed custom t-shirts at the Chadstone Shopping Center, or at any other shopping centre. This is mainly in order to keep our prices low.